by Steve Wagers

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Investigate Before You Insinuate (13 of 16)
Series: The Constitution of Christianity
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 7: 1-6

1. A Proper Look is Clarified!
A) Correct Judgment Demonstrated
B) Coming Judgment Reciprocated
2. A Perverted Look is Condemned!
A) Sight that is Distorted
B) Sight that is Deceptive
3. A Personal Look is Commanded!
A) Truthful Inspection
B) Careful Reflection

In his book "Men Sent from God," Richard DeHaan lists some of the criticisms pastors receive. If the pastor is young, they say he lacks experience. If his hair is gray, he is too old for the young people. If he has five or six children, he is irresponsible; if he has no children, he is setting a bad example. If he uses a lot of illustrations, he neglects the Bible; if he does not use enough, he is not relevant. If he condemns wrong deeds, he's cranky; if he does not, he's compromising. If he drives an old car, he shames his congregation; if he drives a new one, he's setting his affection on earthly things and living above his means.

DeHaan's point is that criticism is part and parcel of the public life of the ministry. In fact, criticism is part of living, period. You cannot do anything without being criticized by someone-whether you are selling newspapers, knitting a sweater, working your farm, or mowing your lawn. The ever-present fact is, people are by nature critical and condemning.

There are only 3 ways people will not criticize or talk about you; if you DO nothing, SAY nothing, or HAVE nothing. Otherwise, prepare yourself, because someone is talking about you.

Every time he brought a prospective wife home, his mother criticized her unmercifully. The young man was at his wit's end when a friend offered this advice: "Find someone like your mother." So he looked and looked until he found a clone. She looked like his mother, her gait was like his mother's, she talked like his mother, and she even thought like his mother. It was amazing! So he took her h ...

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