by Steve Wagers

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Share Your Care in Prayer (14 of 16)
Series: The Constitution of Christianity
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 7: 7-11

1. A Practice so Simple!
A) Courageous in our Approach
1) Ask Specifically
2) Seek Passionately
3) Knock Expectantly
B) Consistent in our Appearance
2. A Promise so Sweet!
A) The Heavenly Response that Solidifies It
B) The Human Relationship that Verifies It

Shortly after Dallas Theological Seminary was founded in 1924, it almost came to the point of bankruptcy. All the creditors had announced that they would foreclose at noon on a particular day. The morning of the announced foreclosure, several leaders met in the office of, then founder and president of the seminary, Lewis Sperry Chafer. They met to pray that God would meet their enormous need. In that prayer meeting was H. A. Ironside, then pastor of Moody Church in Chicago. Each man in the room had prayed, then Dr. Ironside began to pray, "Lord, we know that the cattle on a thousand hills are Thine. You know the need of this place, so please sell some of those cattle, and send in the money."

While they were praying, a Texas rancher walked into the business office and asked to see the president. He said, "I just sold 2 truckloads of cattle in Ft. Worth. I've been trying to make a business deal but it fell through, and God just told me to take the money from the cattle sale and give it to the seminary. I don't know if they need it or not, but here's the check." The secretary took the check and knowing how critical things were financially, she took the check immediately to Dr. Chafer. When he looked at the check, it was the exact amount of the debt to the very penny. He also recognized the name of the cattleman in Ft. Worth and turning to H. A. Ironside said, "Harry, God sold the cattle."

H. Edwin Orr said, "When you rely on schools, you get what education can do. When you rely on government, you get what politics can do. When you rely on money, you get what ca ...

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