by Robert Walker

Christ Our Refuge
Robert Walker
Numbers 35; Joshua 20

Have you ever wondered where the safest spot on earth is physically? It is located in Colorado. There, nestled in the Rockies, under Cheyenne Mountain, a half-mile deep in its granite corridors, is a super-secure missile defense command center called NORAD.
Built at the height of the Cold War, the command center is able to withstand any bomb blast or chemical or biological weapon attack.
Anyone residing within can be sustained for two years, but only if he or she is able to get there in time to avoid the attack.
The safest spot in the universe, even safer than Cheyenne Mountain, is also the closest.
It is closer than any man-made shelter on earth. As we approach the end of the age, the safest spot in the universe is in Christ, the perfect refuge only God could design.
My subject for this morning is Christ Our Refuge.
The land of Canaan has now been possessed and subdued. The various tribes have been given their inheritance and things are starting to wind down as far as the conquest is concerned.
However, there is still much work to be done by Joshua and the people in carrying out the commands given by God.
This chapter deals with a command given in Numbers 35:1-34. God told them to appoint six cities that were to be known as "cities of refuge."
These cities were to be made available to someone who has killed someone by accident. They could flee to one of these cities and find safety and help.
They clearly represent for us a picture of the salvation that is to be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I want to share several truths with you this morning about the cities of refuge that will also show us the glorious salvation that is offered in the Lord Jesus.
The Lord Jesus is our ultimate "refuge" and he offers us shelter and protection. These six cities that Moses and Joshua had appointed as cities of refuge reveal something about our place of refuge in Christ.
I want us to look at three thi ...

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