by Jeff Strite

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The Decision and The Promise (4 of 4)
Series: ABC's of Finances
Jeff Strite
Genesis 22:1-19

OPEN: Several years back a woman wrote this letter to Ann Landers
"Dear Ann Landers:
The letter from the woman married to the tightwad …reminded me of my wonderful aunt. Aunt "Emma" was married to a tightwad who was also a little strange. He made a good salary, but they lived frugally because he insisted on putting 20 % of his paycheck under the mattress (he didn't trust banks.)
The money, he said, was going to come in handy in their old age. But when "Uncle Ollie" was 60, he was stricken with cancer. Toward the end, he made Aunt Em promise, in the presence of his brothers that she would put the money he had stashed away in his coffin so he could buy his way into heaven if he had to.
They ALL knew he was a little odd, and this was clearly a crazy request. Aunt Em did promise, however, and assured Uncle Ollie's brothers that she was a woman of her word and would do as he asked.
The following morning she took the money (about $26,000) to the bank and deposited it. When he died 4 days later… she wrote a check and put it in the casket."

APPLY: Uncle Ollie had made a decision: to trust his money for the promise of security. He had decided that putting money under his mattress would protect him in his old age. But he was wrong… his "old age never came - He died!
And Uncle Ollie had decided that his money could buy him the security of heaven. But he was wrong… money couldn't buy him so much as a postage stamp area within the halls of heaven.

I. There are many people who are not quite as brazen about trusting their money as "Ollie" was. But there are a lot are of people who put their faith in their finances.

If they have money… they feel they have the promise of safety and security. Money serves as a buffer against tragedy and failures and difficulties of life.

Now… the Bible DOES say that we should be good stewards of what God's given us.
"Lazy hands ma ...

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