by Steve Wagers

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It's Never Wrong to Do Right (1 of 8)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: Esther
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Esther 1

1. The Shameful Revelry in the Court!
A) To Let His Wealth Show
B) To Let His Wine Flow
C) To Let His Wife Glow
2. The Splendid Rejection of the Court!
A) Her Magnificent Courage
B) Her Modest Conduct
3. The Sovereign Circumstances from the Court!
A) An Earthly Reign is Abolished
B) An Eternal Reign is Arranged

I love the words of James Russell Lowell, in his work, "The Present Crisis."

Careless seems the great Avenger,
History's pages but record.
One death-grapple in the darkness,
'Twixt old systems and the Word.
Truth forever on the scaffold,
Wrong forever on the throne.

Yet that scaffold sways the future,
And behind the dim unknown.
Standeth God within the shadow,
Keeping watch above His own.

There are many times when God seems invisible, and inaccessible; but, although He seems invisible and inaccessible, He is always INVINCIBLE! That is the message of the book of Esther. The sometimes invisible God is always the invincible God who is working out His sovereign plan, keeping watch above His own. That is not only true for a young woman in ancient Persia, but it's just as true for us in the 21st century.

F. B. Meyer said, "As the brook hides the footprints which are imprinted on its soft ooze, so are God's footprints hidden. We cannot detect his great and wonderful secrets. He marches through the ages with steps we cannot track."

The book of Esther has become one of my favorite books. It has become one of my favorite books because it is an epoch account of the sovereignty of God. The name of God is not mentioned one time, but the hand of God is seen at every turn.

The book of Esther is 1 of 2 books, in the Bible, named after women; the other, of course, being the book of Ruth. Ruth was a Gentile who married a Jew. Esther was a Jew who married a Gentile.

As I said, there is no mention of God in the ...

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