by Steve Wagers

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Exit Vashti, Enter Esther (2 of 8)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: Esther
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Esther 2

1. A New Plan is Disclosed!
A) To Pacify a Lonely King
B) To Gratify a Lustful King
2. A New Person is Discovered!
A) Specifically Selected
B) Sovereignly Protected
3. A New Plot is Dismantled!
A) Mordecai's Personal Revelation
B) Mordecai's Postponed Reward

The words of the Psalmist are most fitting to begin our study today.

(Psalm 75:6-7) "For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. 7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another."

A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, gave this sobering truth, "God is preparing His heroes and when the opportunity comes, He can fit them into their places in a moment, and the world will wonder where they came from."

Dr. Simpson might have added that God not only prepares His heroes, but His heroines too. He had Joseph ready in Egypt, Ezekiel and Daniel ready in Babylon, and Nehemiah ready in Susa; and He had Esther ready for her ministry to the Jews in Persia.

Warren Wiersbe comments, "God is never surprised by circumstances or at a loss for prepared servants."

Simply put, God has always had a man, or a woman, to carry on His work, carry out His will, and carry forth His Word.

Shamgar had an oxgoad,
David had a sling.
Samson had a jawbone,
Rahab had a string.

Mary had some ointment,
Moses had a rod.
Dorcas had a needle,
But all were used of God.

Leslie B. Flynn relates the legend of an angel who, at the start of a church construction project, announced he would award a prize to the person who made the most significant contribution to the finished product. Everyone worked hard, wanting to win from the architect to the contractor to the craftsmen to the clergy to the carpenter. The winner turned out to be an elderly peasant woman who every day carried hay to the ox that pulled the stones ...

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