by Steve Wagers

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In the End, God Will Win (8 of 8)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: Esther
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Esther 8-10

1. His Power Brings Transformation!
A) A New Leader
B) A New Law
2. His Provision Bestows Celebration!
A) The Moment is Joyous
B) The Meaning is Obvious
3. His Providence Bears Exaltation!
A) The Man God Promotes
B) The Message God Preserves

I heard about a little boy who was up late one night reading one a murder mystery. There was a dastardly villain in the story and he was plotting all sorts of mayhem to the heroin of the story. The little boy was feeling sorry for the heroin of the story and almost afraid of the villain himself. Indeed he got so concerned about things that he couldn't wait so he decided to turn over to the last chapter of the book. There he read how the villain got it in the neck, how he was defeated and how the heroine was delivered. Then he went back and began to read the book where he had left off and every time the villain would plan to do some dirty trick the little boy would sit up in the bed and smile to himself and say, "You wouldn't be so proud and cocky if you knew what I knew."

Every day that I hear how wickedness prevails in the land, how innocent babies are murdered, how marriages are destroyed, how children are molested, how rapists are set free, how sodomy is now an acceptable lifestyle, and how the devil is toppling down one preacher after another, I think to myself, "Devil, if you knew what I knew you would strut around so proud."

You see, I've read the back of the Book. I know how this things turns out. In the end, God will win. The end has been just as determined as the beginning. It's not like God set out in the beginning with a plan and said, "Let's see how it all plays out, and we'll take it one day at a time."

When God established the beginning, He also established the end. The beginning unfolded just as God had designed, and the end will unveil just as God has declared. This fi ...

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