by Rex Yancey

How Do You Measure A Father?
Rex Yancey
Ephesians 5:22-6:3

Let me ask you a question this morning, Dad. When you are gone will you be missed? Will it make any difference that you are not on the scene? Will your life have made any impact?

A man had surgery and woke up in the recovery room and all the windows were covered with curtains. He said, "Nurse, open the windows, I want to see outside. Who closed the blinds anyway?" She said, "There is a big fire across the street and I did not want you to wake up and think the operation was not a success!"

I wonder how many fathers will wake up someday and realize that they were not a success. When you leave you are going to leave behind all you have and you are going to take with you all that you are.

The world measures a man by brains, brawn, and bucks. Is that how we measure ourselves as fathers? We graduate at an Ivy League school. We look like a movie star and we are rich. Not many of us would match up to those specs.

We are familiar with the Guinness World Book of Records. There was a man in France named Michael Letito. His claim to fame is that he ate glass and metal. He grinds it up and eats it. That is one way to get iron in your diet. Since 66, he has eaten ten bicycles. He ate a supermarket cart in four days, six chandeliers, and a Cessna light aircraft. What a claim to fame. Can you imagine him on judgment day reporting to Jesus, "My son, what did you do while you were down there on earth?" "Lord, I ate an airplane." Does that really matter? Did his life make any eternal difference? What really counts? How do you measure a man, and in this sermon today, a father?


I have studied leadership over the years and have come to some conclusions as to the essentials when it comes to leadership. We could use words like vision, integrity, action, courage, and looking out for others. But what is leadership when it comes to a father?

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