by Fred Michaux

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OverSexing (3 of 4)
Series: We Won't Back Down
Fred Michaux


-Abraham J. Heschel in his book, The Prophets, writes, "An idea or theory of God can easily become a substitute for God, impressive to the mind when God as a living reality is absent from the soul…to the prophets, God was overwhelmingly real and shatteringly present."

-City Life is going to be a place where we help people discover a God who is overwhelmingly real and shatteringly present…in every area of your life, including your sexuality!

-(brief recap of series: OverEating, OverWorking, tonight OverSexing, and next week OverSpending)


-I am Created, I am Celibate, I am Consecrated…for a healthy sexual identity and especially a vibrant sexual experience!

-Psalm 139:7-12 (overwhelmingly real, shatteringly present)


I am Created!

-Psalm 139:13-14…we must have an unwavering trust that all of who I am was created by God, nothing accidental, nothing unintended.

-ETERNAL…God is eternal but we confuse that with being old and out-dated, even prudish…

-EDEN…If you created the very first identifiable place in the Universe…what would you name that place…God named it "Eden" which means pleasure!

-UNINTENDED…Do we really think God didn't realize we could do "that?"

-INNOCENCE…Are we so arrogant to think that while everything else about Eden was perfect…when it came to Adam and Eve's sexuality, they were naïve? We must not confuse innocence with naivete!

-FIRST SABBATH…So Adam and Eve wake up on the very first Sunday morning, Eve says, "Hey Adam, God says no working in the garden today, what do you want to do?"

-Genesis 2:19-24…God made human sexuality one of the hallmarks of the creation story!

-vs. 25, "Both the man and his wife were naked, yet felt no shame."

-I see God in planning meetings before creation saying, "Hey, let's create them so they can do this…"

I am Created!

I am Celibate!

-Psalm 139:24…we must have an unwa ...

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