by Robert Walker

Give Us Our Daily Bread
Robert Walker
Matthew 6:11

In one of his sermons, Dr. Harry Ironside tells of the occasion when, as a young man, he went into a cafeteria to eat. The tables were crowded and the only place he could find to sit down was at a table across from another man.
So he sat down and as was his habit, Dr. Ironside bowed his head and gave thanks. The other man glowered while he did so and as soon as Dr. Ironside had finished, the man looked at him and said, "What's the matter with you.
Is something wrong with your food?" He looked down at it and said, "No, it looks fine to me." The fellow said, "Have you got something in your eye?
Do you have a headache?" Dr. Ironside said, "No, I'm feeling fine." The fellow said, "What are you doing then?
Why did you bow your head?" Dr., Ironside said, "Well, I was just giving thanks to God for the food I was about to eat." The man looked at him and said, "You believe that stuff, do you? That's crazy."
Dr. Ironside said, "Sir, don't you give thanks for your food?" The man said, "I never give thanks. I just jump right in." Dr. Ironside looked at him and said, "Well, you're just like my dog then. He doesn't give thanks either. He just jumps right in."
Our Lord sat down and taught them to pray Give us today our daily bread. My friend here are six words that can change your life completely if you understand what it is that you are asking of God.
To put it into the sharpest terms possible, Jesus is saying that you need to turn to God regularly
The Lord's prayer is a common prayer so that rich or poor pray to our Father for our bread.

When you pray you ought to pray give us this day our daily bread? What He is really saying by that is that when we pray that that God is the source of all that we have.
Now when we really come to that understanding that God is the source it changes our conception of what life is all about.
When we pray give us this day our daily bread we ...

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