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Series: Contagious Christianity
Jeff Strite
Romans 10:13-15

OPEN: Leonardo da Vinci had once worked on a great masterpiece for a long period of time.
There was a young student standing next to him as da Vinci worked, and the student watched the master work as the painting had evolved in front of him.
The student was awed by da Vinci's technique and had been observing him in hopes of picking up some of the master's skill.
Just before finishing the painting, da Vinci turned to the student and gave him the brush saying "Now, you finish it."
The student backed away and protested that he wouldn't dream of touching the Master's work, but da Vinci said, "Will not what I have done inspire you to do your best?"

APPLY: As you read thru the Bible you sense the work of a Master.
You can see Jesus in every book of Scripture. And you can see the message of Christ's coming in every stroke of the brush
Throughout the Old Testament you hear that: Someone is coming, Someone is coming!
And in Gospels you can read: That Someone has come… Someone has come!
And in the remainder of the New Testament we hear: Someone has not only come… But that He is coming again!

Throughout the Scriptures you get the impression that God has created this great masterpiece… and then - almost like a still small voice in the back of your mind - you sense that God has (in a manner of speaking) stepped back and handed us the brush.

ILLUS: There's an old fable I once heard - about a conversation between God and his angels. Jesus had just risen from the dead and ascended into heaven. The angels were curious about this new thing that Jesus had died and risen from the dead to establish - the church. And they asked all kinds of questions about how God was going to get it started.
In the course of the conversation, it became obvious that the success of this new venture depended heavily upon the men that had walked with Jesus and had been His disciples.
One of the ang ...

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