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His Story (4 of 4)
Series: Contagious Christianity
Jeff Strite
Matthew 16:13-26

VIDEO - Session 7 - "Putting It All Together" (up thru the phrase "There's No Middle Ground")

OPEN: Richard Bandler tells one story about visiting a mental institution and dealing with a man who insisted he was Jesus Christ - not metaphorically, not in spirit, but in the flesh.
One day Bandler walked in to meet this man. "Are you Jesus?" he said.
"Yes, my son," the man replied.
Bandler said, "I'll be back in a minute."
This left the man a little bit confused.
Within three or four minutes, Bandler came back, holding a measuring tape. Asking the man to hold out his arms, Bandler measured the length of his arms and his height from head to toe. After that, Bandler left. The man claiming to be Christ became a little concerned. A little while later, Bandler came back with a hammer, some large spiked nails, and a long set of boards.
He began to pound them together into the form of a cross.
The man asked, "What are you doing?"
As Richard put the last nails in the cross, he asked, "Are you Jesus?"
Again the man said, "Yes my son."
Bandler said, "Then you know why I'm here."
Suddenly you could see a wave of recognition sweep across the patient's face. He stepped back and shouted: "No! No! I'm not Jesus. I'm not Jesus!"

APPLY: Isn't that interesting…even a man in a mental institution understood that the cross was part of the story of Jesus. And he understood enough about what Jesus went through that, when faced with the same potential of pain in his own life, he had no intention of experiencing it. And neither would you or I

(pause…) But Jesus did. The cross is a central part of His Story.

Now there are people who are uncomfortable with the cross.
I have heard that there are churches that have begun to remove crosses from their bldgs.
I have heard of congregations that have moved the communion table out of the worship area
And there are still others who have ...

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