by Dennis Marquardt

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I Must Stay At Your House Today! (1 of 6)
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Dennis Marquardt
Luke 19:1-10

INTRO: Humanity is obsessed with "change." Our culture changes clothing styles, music styles, entertainment programs, the news, we want to know what the changes are every day and we are often anxious to see changes! On the other hand some people hate change, too bad for them though, because nothing stays the same!

There is one change in our lifetime that is a MUST … the change from sinner to saint! You cannot make heaven and avoid hell any other way, Christ MUST stay at your house, and be in your life today! A rich Jewish tax collector discovered this one day, and Jesus' words to him are still true today, "I MUST stay at your house TODAY?" Conversion is critical, even the world recognizes this but they have the wrong kind of conversion in mind!

ILLUS: In Russia, in 1989, the number-one graduate-study subject was conversion, but not from a Christian or spiritual point of view. They understood the political significance that if there is a way to change a person's values, motivations, goals, and lifestyles, you have the ultimate power beyond nuclear weapons. So they wanted to know: If it's possible, how can we as a political force for the state use sudden conversion? -- Bruce Larson, "What about Sudden Conversion?" Preaching Today, Tape No. 72.

PROPOSITIONAL SENTENCE: The Bible teaches us that Christ desires a personal relationship with EVERYONE … and He is anxiously looking for you with an invitation to come and stay with you!

I. OBSTACLES Luke 19:1-3

A. Great Defiance! Luke 19:1
1. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to be crucified, only days away! On the way He chooses to pass through Jericho. However, there were two people who needed Him there and he never passes by anyone who really wants Him:
a. Blind Bartimaeus whom Jesus healed.
b. A CHIEF tax collector named Zacchaeus who wants to see Jesus.
2. Jericho was a priestly city and Jesus evident ...

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