by Dennis Marquardt

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You Must Be Born Again! (4 of 6)
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Dennis Marquardt
John 3:1-21

INTRO: We all know what "FALL" means, winter is coming. Most of us hate winter … a time of dark days, very cold weather, very few signs of life outside -- can't ride my Harley anymore! Most everything outside dies in the winter. Imagine what we would think if we had no idea about seasons? Our hope would be gone, we wouldn't even know about the new birth in the Springtime, but hope is not gone because we all know that life will be born again in the Spring.

When sin entered the human race it was the "fall" of man, and we all know what follows "fall" … the death of winter! This spiritual winter is observable in the world around just like the natural winter is … we can see death all around us. Sin expresses itself in evil all over the world, events like the World Trade towers in New York City being hit by terrorists is only one example of evil in the world.

What brings about rebirth after the natural winter? The rising SUN restores life to the earth … and what brings about the possibility of rebirth to a dead soul? The risen SON of God and His light!

For all of mankind's greatest achievements nothing can restore the soul of sinful man except the Son of God, as Jesus put it, "YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN!" (John 3:7)

The world resists this idea, yet it is the only hope for mankind, the very concept of rebirth is found everywhere in nature and even culture … so why do we resist it in the spiritual realm?

ILLUS: When translator Des Oatridge, working in Papua New Guinea, came to the words "born again" in John's Gospel, he asked his native co-translator to think of a good way to express it. The man explained this custom:
"Sometimes a person goes wrong and will not listen to anybody. We all get together in the village and place that person in the midst of us. The elders talk to him for a long time. 'You have gone wrong!' they say. 'All your thoughts, intentions, and ...

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