by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 13 and 14 of a 18 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 13: Gideon-The Man of Faith Who Doubted
Series: God's Gallery
Stuart Briscoe
Judges 6:1-16

The Midianites had got after the Israelites so successfully that God's people lived in fear of their lives. Then God intervened through Gideon who seemed somewhat surprised that he was chosen to be the leader.

I. He Was Convinced but Confused. Judges 6:13-15

A. He was convinced of God's greatness but confused about His
nearness. v. 13
B. He was convinced of God's ability but confused about His
availability. v. 13
C. He was convinced of God's intentions but confused about His
instructions. vv. 14-15

II. He Was Willing but Worried. Judges 6:16-24

A. He was willing to believe but worried about being wrong. vv. 16-24
B. He was willing to respond but worried about repercussions. vv. 25-35
C. He was willing to go but worried about guidance. vv. 36-40
D. He was willing to fight but worried about failing. 7:7-14

III. He Was Tested but Triumphant. Judges 7:1-16

Part 14: Barak-The Man Who Played the Second Fiddle Well
Series: God's Gallery
Stuart Briscoe
Hebrews 11:32; Judges 4:1-24

It takes more grace than tongue can tell, to play the second fiddle well. Barak did just this and found his place in God's Gallery.

I. He Was a Man of Unusual Insight.

A. Into the national predicament.
1. Spiritual deadness. v. 1

2. National despair. v. 3

B. Into the divine program.
1. Divine revelation through human instrument. v. 6

2. Divine intervention in human affairs. v. 7

3. Divine cooperation with human beings. v. 6

C. Into his personal participation.
1. He appreciated the part that Deborah played.

2. He accepted the part he was to play.

II. He Was a Man of Unusual Integrity.

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