by Stan Coffey

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How Much Do I Owe My Lord? (1 of 2)
Series: The Lordship of Christ
Dr. Stan Coffey
Luke 16:5

If you have your Bible this morning, please, turn to God's word in Luke Chapter 16. We are going to begin reading in verse number one in just a moment. I want to preach a series of messages over the next few weeks on the Lordship of Stewardship.

Last Sunday was an unusual Sunday in that the church where I preach, Cascade Hills Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia had made a commitment and a goal of the church that they were going to baptize two thousand people in the two thousand church year which is from October to September, from October 1999 to September 2000.

They plan to baptize two thousand people. The church is not quite as large as this church; the pastor has been there almost twenty years and when he went there he had about thirty people and now has a very large church.

One of the reasons that I responded to his request when it is unusual for me to go and preach anywhere on Sunday morning except here no matter where it is, but he explained to me the goal and he said that is going to be the "kick off" Sunday for the campaign of baptizing two thousand.

He said our people are going to have lost people there and he said they are going to be praying. They are going to have people there for whom they have prayed and they have witnessed to and they are going to bring them and I believe we will have a great harvest.

So God gave a wonderful, wonderful harvest. Yet it was a challenge to my own heart because through the years God has used our church to reach many, many people for Jesus Christ and I believe that we are at a place in the life of our church where we have to look at all that God has given to us and ask the question, "Are we using the resources that the Lord has given us in a way that honors Him?"

Are we using our resources to the maximum to reach people for Jesus Christ? No matter what a church may do, how beautiful its buildings may be, ...

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