by Jeff Strite

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Looking Across The Table (1 of 3)
Series: Connecting People To Jesus
Jeff Strite
John 1:35-42

OPEN: How many of you receive our Church Newsletter?
Now, here is a test question… what is it called? ("The Logansport Link")
Right underneath that title is this phrase:
"Linking Man to God through Jesus Christ"

That is our goal as a church.
And that is our objective as Christians: Linking the people around us to God through Jesus Christ.

Our sermon series this month is focused on that theme:
Linking/connecting people to God and each week we're going to focus on a different aspect of that objective.

Next week: We're going to "Walk across the Street" - connect to our neighbors, the people we work with, and the people we meet down at the grocery store, or CVS or WalMart.
And the week after that we're going to "Reach Around The World". We'll talk about Missions and we'll focus on the missions we support and why.

BUT, this week we're going to "Look across the Table".
We're going to discuss how we can talk to our family and close friends about our faith, and how we can "connect them to God?

In our text today, we're introduced to a man named Andrew. Andrew is a man's man. In fact his name has the connotation of being "manly".
He's a fisherman. An outdoorsman. A common laborer.

And Andrew is kind of a quiet guy.
We don't read much about him in Scripture.
He's only mentioned 12 times in the Bible, and 4 of those are when his name is listed with the names of the other 11 apostles. Even in the traditions of the early church, he's one of the few disciples about whom there are few legends.

But that's not to say that Andrew is unimportant.
The times he IS mentioned in the Gospels he's usually doing something very important… he's bring people to Jesus.

For example in John 12:20-26, there are some Greeks who want to meet Jesus. They talk to Philip, who then turns to Andrew for advice, and together, both of them bring these people to Jesus.

I ...

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