by Frank Damazio

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Discovering Jesus Through the Gospels (3 of 4)
Series: Give Me More of Jesus
Pastor Frank Damazio

Discover Jesus, our Lord out-ranging all degrees of comparison or parallelism entirety and eternally. No one has the ability or capacity to describe His intrinsic worth, or declare His inherit wealth of moral and spiritual universe. The word "preciousness" carries the meaning of exceptional distinction, to the extent that, if removed, replacement is an absolute impossibility. The vocation He filled would go unrealized, the function He discharged would go unfulfilled, services He rendered would go unattended, the covenant He confirmed would never have been ratified, the solution He accomplished would never have been known, the conquest of death would never have been won.

As a mother tucked her small son into bed one night, he began to whimper and cry. Taking his quivering body into her arms, she gently inquired what was wrong. Between sniffles, he explained that he missed his daddy. Knowing that the boy's father, who was away on a business trip, would not be back for several days, the mother hugged the little boy, then laid him back down on his pillow, telling him to wait for just a moment. She then slipped out of the room, and when she returned she held a picture of the little boy's father in her hand. She placed it beside him in the bed and told him that when he was especially lonely for his daddy, he could just look at the picture and be assured his father loved him and was coming back soon.
The little boy gazed at the smiling face of his father staring out at him from the framed photograph. Then the tears began slipping down his cheeks once again as he said simply, "I wish Daddy would just step out of the picture."
Our Father has stepped out of the picture, and His Name is Jesus!

INTRODUCTION: B.C. Before Christ. A.D. In the year of our Lord. Even the calendar tells us with the birth of Jesus Christ history states all over again. If ...

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