by Frank Damazio

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Worklife Influence (3 of 4)
Series: Worklife Strategy: Reclaiming My Workplace As A God Place
Frank Damazio

Introduction: The stated purpose of this series is reclaiming our workplace as a God place. The intent is to bring clarity as to how we relate to God through our work. How do we connect eternal significance to what most of us do every day: work. Our work may be at an office, at home, driving a truck, or building something, managing systems, administrating a business, professional life as a dentist, doctor, lawyer, or school teacher. We must see our work as a God calling, serving God and serving God's purpose.

Today's message is titled, "Worklife Influence." You have influence, amazing power. This word represents the fact that you can affect other people and their decisions for life and eternity. Worklife influence in our workplace can be life changing for anyone and everyone who feels our influence.



1. Worklife strategy: To lift our life at work to a new level of purpose and influence that turns every-day work into a dynamic mission

2. Workplace mission: To see my workplace as a God placement where I serve God with excellence and purpose, influencing people for Christ and expanding the Kingdom of God every day

3. Workplace influence: authenticity in personal character at work as you experience purposeful faith conversations and grow your influence

a. You will not have influence if your character is not authentic or if you do not have anything in you that shows you are a different kind of person. Your influence is not when you call yourself a Christian, but when you act as a Christian.

b. Do you feel outnumbered at work? God wants you to work in the place where you can spread the most influence. You want to work with people you can talk with about Jesus. The more people who are not Christian at your work, the greater your influence.
c. Your character is not proven in the church place. Your chara ...

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