by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 24 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Judgment of God
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 2:1-16

Paul’s sweeping denunciation of human behavior no doubt stirred up indignant reaction in some of his hearers, as it still does today. By utilizing a literary device called “diatribe”—a debate with an anonymous person—he answers the objections and shows that every¬one must face the judgment of God.

I. The Inconsistency of Human Judgment. v. 1

A. Human judgment is often necessary.

B. Human judgment is regularly practiced.

C. Human judgment is usually inconsistent.
1. Condemns the excessive, condones the moderate.

2. Indignant about action, ignorant of motive.

3. Easy to object, difficult to be objective.

4. Quick to be critical, slow to admit hypocritical.

C. Human judgment is self defeating.


Part 4: The Dangers of Religion
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 2:17-3:8

Having exposed the condition of pagan society, Roman and Greek, Paul turned his attention to the religious society of the Jewish people. Although he was a Jew, and proud of it, Paul did not hesitate to expose the spiritual danger inherent in religious profession.

I. The Dangers of Profession Without Performance. vv. 17-24

A. Profession. vv. 17-20
1. A special name-"Call yourself a Jew. "

2. A special foundation-"Rely on the law."

3. A special relationship-"Your relationship to God."

4. A special insight-"You know His will…."

5. A special conviction-"You are convinced…."

B. Performance. vv. 21-24
1. Teaching without learning. v. 21a

2. Preaching without practicing. vv. 21b-22

3. Bragging without behaving. v. 23

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