by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 7 and 8 of a 24 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 7: Facing Up to Faith
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 4:1-25

We have all been taught that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but that does not mean that nothing is free-it means that if something is given freely somebody footed the bill. So it is with salvation, but man has to believe that salvation is free because God paid the price.

I. The Father of Faith. vv. 1-4

A. Abraham's exemplary life. Genesis 26:5
B. But Abraham cannot boast before God.
C. Because he was reckoned righteous by faith.

II. The Forgiveness of Faith. vv. 5-8

A. Works produce wages.

B. Faith receives gifts.

C. Imputed righteousness is "blessedness."

D. Because:
1. Transgressions are forgiven.

2. Sins are covered.

3. Man is not held accountable.


Part 8: Good Christian Men, Rejoice
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 5:1-11

Celebration and depression seem to be commonplace in our world. The former is often related to a mindless, unthinking irresponsibility while the latter is connected to a hopelessness, which sees no solutions to life's problems. What should be the Christian's attitude? We should rejoice intelligently.

I. Rejoice in Your Present Position. vv. 1-2a

A. Justified through faith.
B. Peace with God.
C. Standing in grace.

II. Rejoice in Your Future Prospects. v. 2b

A. The anxiety of uncertainty.
B. The celebration of confidence.

III. Rejoice in Your Personal Problems. vv. 3-5

A. Rejoicing through knowing…
B. Pressures produce perseverance…
C. Perseverance produces character…
D. Character produces confidence…

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