by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 15 and 16 of a 24 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 15: Israel's Rejection of Christ
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 9:1-33

Paul's presentation of the gospel of Christ was not at all acceptable to many Jews for obvious reasons. As a result, the veracity of his message and his own credibility were under fire. More than that, profound questions concerning election and rejection needed to be answered. They still do.

- Paul's sincere concern is evident. v. 1
- Paul's delight is tinged with anguish. v. 2
- Paul's intense feelings are displayed. v. 3
- Paul's appreciation for Israel is on record. vv. 4-5
In all this intensity of feeling, three things are clear:

I. The Word of God Is Not Invalidated. vv. 6-13

Note: "Word of God"-His plan or purpose.
A. God called Abram not Terah.

B. God chose Isaac not Ishmael.

C. God differentiated between Israel (natural) and Israel (spiritual).

D. God sees children of promise and natural children differently.

E. God "loved" Jacob and "hated" Esau.


Part 16: The Importance of Evangelism
Series: The Epistle To The Romans
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 10:1-21

Paul's discussion of divine sovereignty and human accountability with particular reference to Israel, tends to go over peoples' heads, but it serves an essentially practical purpose. Paul, the theologian, was always the lover of people and a deeply committed evangelist.

I. Evangelism-The Exposure of Error. 10:1-4

A. The delicate task of exposing error. vv. 1-2
1. A genuine concern for people-"My heart's desire."

2. A bumble reliance on divine aid-"Prayer to God."

3. A deep understanding of the other position-"I can testify about

4. A careful diagnosis of the situation-"Zeal but not knowledge."

B. The specific errors that should be exposed. vv. 3-4
1. A false impression of God-"God righteousness."

2. An erroneous understanding of man-"Own righteousness."

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