by Fred Lowery

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Christ-Centered Worship (1 of 4)
Series: Old Time Religion
Dr. Fred Lowery
Isaiah 6:1-9

That Old Time Religion - and that's what we're talking in this little brief series - will try to help us to know what we are about and why we are about what we are about and to understand that there are things that we do today differently than we did years ago and life changes and the culture changes but there also some non-negotiables that never change and that certainly will not ever change in our hearts and lives and the life of this - this church.
And so today we're talking about "Christ-Centered Worship".
This guy went to the doctor and he said, "Doctor, I - something bad - is badly wrong with me." He said everywhere I touch, it hurts. I touch here it hurts. I touch here it hurts. I touch here it hurts. I touch here it hurts. I even touch here and it hurts. Something's really wrong. The doctor examined him and he said, "Your index finger is broken."
Well, when you look at your life and you think your problems, your failures, your mistakes, your hang ups, most of them can be traced back to the source of your worship. Most of the things that go wrong in our lives happened after something goes wrong in our worship. Whatever is happening into your life - good or bad - is determined by what you are worshiping into your life and what you are worshiping out of your life. We are all worshipers but what we are worshiping is what we are becoming. We all worshiped everyday last week - all of us. Some worshiped God but we worship every day. God made us to worship Him. God saved us to worship Him. God calls us to worship Him. God commands us to worship Him. Biblically, when we look at this Bible from cover to cover, worship is to be our highest priority - worship. And if worship is not our highest priority - listen closely - lesser gods - little "g" gods, idols, take the place of God in our lives. See, the greatest sin is to reject God. We know that. The second greatest sin i ...

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