by Jerry Watts

Tell The Story
Jerry Watts
John 3:3, 16

• Everyone loves someone who can "tell a story." Now, I'm not talking about the person who can "reel off" untruths, but rather I'm talking about those people like my Evangelist Uncle James, who can spin a tale with the best.
• Do you know what I've discovered? Everyone has one story that they can tell. It is a story which they can express more clearly, accurately and completely than anyone else. No matter who you are you can tell this one story. Do you know what this story is? It is the story of your life, it is YOUR story. You see, it doesn't matter how often or how many times you tell me, nor does it matter if I know all the words you may use, the truth is, I lack the experience and passion which you have for your life.
• This thought reminds me of the engineer who developed a new "process" in his particularly field of rocket science. His introductory speech for this process was so compelling that he not only sold the process to a large corporation, but they hire him as a consultant. This was his job. He was given a big Limousine and a chauffeur to carry him to his speaking assignments. For 6 months, these two men traveled together 5 or 6 nights every week for the engineer to deliver this speech to spellbound crowds. Over the course of time the men became friends as they spent enormous amounts of time together. Finally, after about 6 months, the driver said to his passenger, "you speak to these huge crowds every night and you get paid big dollars. After hearing this same speech for all these months, I can give the same speech and do it just as good as you, but I make only a portion of the money you make." The engineer responded, "Why don't you give the speech tonight?" The driver agreed. So the engineer drove the Limo to the site and the driver received all the attention. Standing to speak to this college crowd the speech came off in great fashion as the engineer (posing as the driver) listened in a ...

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