by Ernest Easley

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The Provision of God's Song (14 of 18)
Series: The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 15

Now from the Word of God … we are continuing our series of messages today under the heading: The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible. We began this series by looking at some of the "If's" of the Bible .. that is … The Promises of God. And I pray that you're meeting the conditions of God's promises where He says, "If you'll do this, then I'll do that," because I know that He is living up to His!
After several messages on the "If's" of the Bible, which point us to some of The Promises of God, we then began looking at some of the "Ands" of the Bible, which point us to some of The Provisions of God. And then finally, we're going to look at some of the "Buts" of the Bible that point us to The Providence of God.
God's Promises! God's Provisions! God's Providence. That's what "The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible" are all about!
Now today we're simply picking up where we left off last time together in the Old Testament book of Exodus 15. So if you haven't already done so .. take your Bible and join me and the rest of us in Exodus 15. It's here we find two more of God's provisions that are tied together with the word "and."
Now let me ask you a question before we look at this next provision: how many of you would say that you consider yourself a Christian, a believer, among the born again, the saved? I mean .. you can remember a day, a place, a time in your life that you prayed and opened up your heart to Jesus and He saved you and forgave you and changed you?
Let's see your hands. Thank you. The Bible says "let the redeemed of the Lord, say so." Thank you for saying so by raising your hand today.
Now to you who raised your hand: the provision that we're considering today is yours! You don't have to ask for it … hope for it .. pray for it nor even seek it: it's already yours! It's already yours because you belong to Him and He bel ...

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