by Ernest Easley

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God's Resurrecting Power (18 of 18)
Series: The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 13:16-41

Now with our Bibles opened to Acts 13 … we come to the finish line in our series of messages under the heading:
The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible.
It was those "ifs" that pointed us to some of The Promises of God .. those conditional promises God has made to us. Next .. those "Ands" of the Bible that pointed us to some of The Provisions of God. And then finally .. those "Buts" of the Bible pointed us to some examples of The Providence of God.
Now in our time together today, we are looking at another one of those "buts" of the Bible which point us to The Providence of God. Do you remember what The Providence of God means for you? Well .. it means this: that God is working behind the scenes of your life for His glory and for your good, doing those things that only God can do. Yes, God not only has our back, but He has our front! It's because of The Providence of God working in our lives that regardless of our circumstances or the challenges or the crisis that we face …
-we can REST not FRET …
-we can TRUST not FEAR …
-we can STAND not FALL.
And what makes that kind of life possible?
The Providence of God!
Now today from Acts 13 .... we're thinking about ..
This 13th chapter of Acts .. beginning in verse 16 … is the first recorded sermon of Paul. He preached well enough to be invited back the following Sabbath!
What's interesting is that his preaching style was very similar to the preaching style of Stephen back in Acts 7. Paul had heard that message as a member of the Sanhedrin and was there when Stephen was stoned to death because of it. In fact .. Paul was a part of the stoning!
Paul never forgot the power of the message Stephen delivered tha ...

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