by Marvin D. Patterson

How to treat those in the Church
Marvin Patterson
Romans 14:9-23

There was a five-year-old boy who went to Sunday school, and after class his father asked him "What do you learn?" The young boy said, "The teacher told us about Moses and how he brought his people out of Egypt and when they got to the Red Sea that the pharaoh was following them with his army and Moses looked up to God and prayed for help and God sent Moses concrete to build a bridge." The father looked at his son and asked "Is that what she said?" The boy shook his head and said "No, but if you do not believe this, your not going to believe what she really said!"

We have learned many things in this wonderful Book of Romans. We looked at the first eight verses of chapter fourteen and saw that there were some who ate meats that and believed that it was fine. There were others that became vegetarians because they believed that eating meats was wrong. We also saw that some hold to the Old Testament holy days and Sabbaths, and others considered everyday a holy day with the Lord. Paul goes on to elaborate more on this in the following verses showing how we are to treat each other in the Church of the Lord!

The owner of a manufacturing plant decided to make a surprise tour of his shop. He was walking through the warehouse when he noticed a young man just lazily leaning up against some packing crates with his hands in his pockets doing nothing. The boss walked up to him with anger in his eyes, and said, "Son, how much are you paid a week?" The young man's eyes got rather large and he said with hesitation, "$500." The boss pulled out his wallet, peeled off five one hundred-dollar bills, gave it to him and said, "Here's a week's pay, get out of here and don't ever come back!"
Without a word, the young man stuffed the money into his pocket and took off. The warehouse manager was standing nearby, simply staring in amazement. The boss walked over to him and said, "I want to ask y ...

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