by Stephen Whitney

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Faithful Minister (2 of 4)
Series: I Timothy Chapter 4
Stephen Whitney
I Timothy 4:6-10

Deion Sanders was greatly influenced by his godly grandmother who helped raise him in Fort Myers, Florida. He was a gifted athlete who lettered in baseball, football and track in High School.
He was also All-State in all three sports as well.

In 1989 he was drafted to play professional baseball and football. He played nine years of major league baseball with four teams
and fifeteen years of football with five teams. He is considered one of the most versatile athletes in sporting history because he played two professional sports and multiple positions.

Because of his great athletic ability and showmanship he was nicknamed "Prime Time" as he played his best on nationally televised games. Eventually, all the time became Prime Time as he never stopped performing, from his two-sport career as a speedy major-league baseball outfielder to playing defense or running back in the National football league.

Traveling with the different teams over the years he would stay in a hotel and every morning Deion would read the Bible. He said,
"I read a Scripture a day, but it was more like brushing my teeth. If you asked me five minutes later what I read and what it meant,
I couldn't tell you. I did it out of repetition, but I didn't live it."

He had a form of godliness, but denied its power (II Tim. 3:5) because he just went through a ritual that did not change him.

How simple the Christian life would be if we could boil it all down to a complete list of dos and don'ts. All we would have to do is check the list then do the right thing, but it is not that simple.
God did not just give us rules to follow he wants our character
to become more and more godly.

John Gill wrote, "Believers are to exercise faith, hope, love, fear, reverence, humility." It is these which will make us more godly.


Paul wanted Timothy to let the people ...

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