by Stephen Whitney

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Faithfully Continue (4 of 4)
Series: I Timothy Chapter 4
Stephen Whitney
I Timothy 4:13-16

Early in the morning on March 24, 1603 Queen Elizabeth died and King James came to the throne. When he met with the religious leaders John Rainolds, President of Corpus Christi College at Oxford, suggested a better translation be made from the Hebrew
and Greek languages to be used in all the Churches of England.

Forty-seven scholars were selected to make a new translation.
They were divided into six companies to meet at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and at Westminster in London. For three years from 1604 to 1606 each of the 47 scholars worked privately on the chapters assigned to him. Slowly and carefully they each
examined the Bible text, weighing each word before writing it down, seeking to determine the true meaning of each word in the original language.

The same portion of Scripture was translated by each of the men of the company to which that portion had been assigned. Then each man's work was carefully compared with that of the others in his company. When a book was completed it was then send on to the other companies for review and suggestions. The meetings of the six companies took another three years from 1607 to 1609. Then in 1611 the King James Bible was printed. It came to be called the "Authorized Vision" because King James determined it would be the only version of the Bible to be used in the Church of England.

Author Adam Nicolson in God's Secretaries chronicles the King James translator's sensitivity to sound. He says that 12 men sat round the room listening to the text being read aloud. The felt that what governed the acceptability of a particular verse was not only accuracy to the language, but also a pleasant sound of the words.

Because of the beauty of the language it has been acclaimed widely as the greatest example of English literature ever written.
The King James Bible has had a profound impact on the English s ...

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