by Frank Damazio

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Knowing John's Jesus (1 of 6)
Series: Live Like Jesus
Frank Damazio
I John 1:1-4

Introduction: Today we begin our study of I John written by the Apostle John. Dynamic Christians are finding that daily study of God's word allows His Spirit to do in them what He wishes to communicate through them to others. The Johannine writings include the Gospel of John, I, II, III John, and the Book of Revelation. The three epistles are written to his generation living in the first century and are vital to our generation today. The message of this first epistle is clear: Live like Jesus, live in Jesus, and live out loud with the Jesus life that flows through us. The main subject of I John as a whole is the Word of Life, embodied in Jesus and proclaimed about Him. The Apostle's overarching purpose is the very practical recalling of his divided community to the fundamentals of the apostolic gospel. John works hard to make sure Jesus is thought of right, theologically right, and ethically right. He was seeking a perfectly balanced Christology. The starting point for John is proclamation, not apologetics. It is pure theology, not a lesson in ethics only.

The New Testament has 27 books, 260 chapters, and 7,959 verses. John wrote 50 chapters!

Live Like Jesus:
This is a high and lofty target, to live like Jesus. It's similar to saying write like Shakespeare, sing like Andrea Bocelli, play the violin like Paganini, paint like Rembrandt - it's impossible without a miracle.

I John 2:6:
If we say that we remain in union with God, we should live just as Jesus Christ did. (GNT)
The one who says that he abides in Him must live the same way He Himself lived. (ISV)
Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived. (Message)
Whoever says that he lives in God must live as Jesus lived. (NCV)

The Live Like Jesus Miracle - John 15:1-8:
The upper room discourse in the Gospel of John is the seed plot from which these ideas come. The vine- ...

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