by Robert Walker

The Miracle Of God's Saving Grace
Robert Walker
Titus 3:3-8

D.L. Moody one time saw a man beat his dog at a zoo one time because he was mad at him. He had made a bet and boasted about him being so obedient and when he tried to get the dog to so something he wanted, it wouldn't do it and he lost his bet. He got so mad at that dog and just beat him and beat him and beat him mercilessly.

Finally, after he was wounded and bleeding and whimpering, he threw him in the lion's cage so that the lion would eat him. And that poor whimpering, beaten, pitiful dog, standing shaking on his legs was in the presence of that great lion.

And that lion came over to that dog and sniffed him and then he begin to lick that little dog and the dog laid down and the lion laid down there just keeping him warm and licking his wounds.

And the man, after a little while felt sorry for the dog and told the man to let him have his dog back. And the person in charge of the lion cage who had seen him beat that dog said, "Fine, you can have your dog back. But you're going to have to go in there and get him yourself!"

And that's the way it is with me and you - we were…


By sins and sin, and now the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus, has taken us in and has healed our wounds and now protects us from the enemy that once enslaved us!

My subject is the Miracle of God's Saving grace.

I grew up hearing the word "saved." I sang it in hymns: "Jesus saves! Jesus saves!" "For I'm saved! Saved! Saved!" Someone would give a testimony, speaking of that time when he was "saved."

Little gospel tracts were circulated with the title, "What Must I Do to be Saved?" It's a curious term, and one that has been blasted by those who see no danger to their spiritual condition.

Every true conversion is a miracle of God's saving grace, and in this sermon we shall consider several aspects of salvation which has been made available to in and through our Lord an ...

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