by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 7 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: The Making of a Disciple
Series: Discipleship
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 5:1-11

The Lord called people to Himself in different ways, but in each case there were fundamental realities. These need to be understood because they still apply.

I. The Revelation Reality.

A. The importance of the word of God. v. 1
1. A touch of reality.
2. A voice of authority. 4:31-36
3. A word of security. 4:18-21

B. The impact of the word of God.
1. It challenges us to obedience. vv. 4-5
2. It charms us to amazement. 4:22

II. The Reaction Reality.

A. To the Lord.
1. What was said.
a. Master: Gk. "Epistates." v. 5
b. Lord: Gk. "Kurios." v. 8

2. What was done. v. 8
a. An act of contrition.


Part 2: The Maturing of a Disciple
Series: Discipleship
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 9:1-6, 18-27

When Peter and his friends agreed to become Christ's disciples, they knew they were committing themselves to following Christ, but they didn't know where He would take them. But they soon found out!

I. A Clearer Perception of Christ's Ministry. 9:18-27

A. Popular perceptions. v. 19
1. John the Baptist resurrected.
2. Other prophets returned.
3. Messianic activity suspected. Malachi 4:5

B. Personal perceptions. vv. 20-22
1. The challenge to come to a conclusion.
2. The challenge to make a confession.
3. The challenge to confront a cross.
4. The challenge to count the cost. v. 23
5. The challenge to contemplate the cloud. vv. 28-36

II. A Fuller Appreciation of Christian Mission. 9:1-6

A. No confusion about their priorities.
1. Announcing the kingdom of God. v. 2
2. Attacking the kingdom of Satan. v. 1
3. Addressing the need of mankind. v. 6

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