by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 7 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Mistakes of a Disciple
Series: Discipleship
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 9-10

That human beings are error prone is an unfortunate fact of life. But treated properly, mistakes can be turned to good use and "learning by mistakes" has proven to be a very effective educational tool-though expensive and sometimes painful. The disciples of Jesus certainly made their share of mistakes, but the Master taught them much through the experience.

I. The Catalog of Mistakes.

A. Desiring an inappropriate experience. 9:33
B. Attempting an impossible task. 9:37
C. Creating an inexcusable tension. 9:46
D. Making an inaccurate judgment. 9:49
E. Proposing an intolerable action. 9:51
F. Displaying an inadequate commitment. 9:57
G. Projecting an immature attitude. 10:17

II. The Causes of Mistakes.

A. Misguided enthusiasm.
1. The enthusiasm of enjoyment. 9:33
2. The enthusiasm of involvement. 9:49
3. The enthusiasm of commitment. 9:54

B. Misdirected confidence.
1. The confidence of experience. N.B. Mark 9:29


Part 4: The Mind of a Disciple
Series: Discipleship
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 11:1-13

The mind of man is hidden from view, but his actions are full of clues. When a man asks to be taught to pray, this speaks loud and clear about his state of mind. Disciples of Christ are such people.

I. Prayer as a Declaration of Discipleship.

A. The impact of Christ's example.
1. His regular habit of prayer. Luke 5:16

2. His specific experiences of prayer.
a. His baptism. Luke 3:21
b. His decisions. Luke 6:12
c. His transfiguration. Luke 9:28
d. His passion. Luke 22:41

B. The importance of Christ's expectations.
1. His teaching on principles. Luke 18:1

2. His teaching on practicalities. Luke 18:9

II. Prayer as a Declaration of Desire.

A. A desire for personal growth. v. 1
1. The learning of new things.
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