by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 11: In the Marketplace (11 of 12)
Series: For People On The Grow
Stuart Briscoe
Colossians 3:22-4:1

Christians are required to live on earth before they get to heaven, which means that Christianity has to be related to culture. Slavery was an integral part of first-century Greco-Roman culture and the church had to deal with it.

I. The Situation Paul Confronted.

A. His Hebrew background.
1. Slavery an O.T. fact of life. Exodus 20:10

2. Slavery as a partial solution. Leviticus 25:35ff
a. Family integration.
b. Social protection.

3. Slavery as a benevolent institution.
a. Religious privilege.
b. Guaranteed release. Leviticus 25:39ff

B. The Colossian situation.
1. Rome's population over 60% slaves.
2. Prisoners of war made slaves.
3. Rome released thousands - economic chaos.
4. Both slaves and free in congregation.

II. The Solution Paul Offered.


Part 12: Keep Looking Up
Series: For People On The Grow
Stuart Briscoe
Colossians 4:2-18

Paul introduced the practical section of the letter by encouraging the Colossians to "set (their) minds and hearts above." Now he concludes it with a similar instruction by reminding them of the necessity of prayer. In other words, they were to keep looking up.

I. Prayer Is a Dynamic.

A. It moves God to open doors. v. 3
1. God governs with "a degree of elasticity." - O. Hallesby
2. He changes circumstances. Acts 14:27
3. He moves people.

B. It molds people together.
1. "Pray for us." v. 3
2. Paul's team spirit.

C. It makes witnesses adequate. vv. 4-5
1. Knowing what to say.
2. Knowing how to say it.
3. Knowing how to behave.

D. It matures growing believers. v. 12
1. Stand firm.
2. Mature.
3. Assured.

II. Prayer Is a Declaration.

A. A declaration of dependence.
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