by Dennis Marquardt

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Fruity Vs. Nutty Christianity (1 of 9)
Series: Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Dennis Marquardt
Galatians 5:22; Matthew 7:15-23; John 15:1-9

INTRO: The world judges Christianity more by the actions of Christians than it does the preaching of Christians. The authenticity of the Gospel of Christ has more to do with our behavior than all the stories of miracles.

We cannot afford to preach Christ and not be anything like Him! Would the world accept the following?

ILLUS: A counselor -- who doesn't get along with other people!
A teacher -- who doesn't like children!
A banker -- who doesn't know how to handle money!
An Athlete -- who doesn't like to exercise!
A mountain climber -- who doesn't like heights!

The World will not accept a Christian that is not Christ-like either!

We will not win the world for Christ by miracles, we will win the world for Christ when the world has authentic Christianity lived out in the flesh.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that God desires godly character above everything else, including ministry!


A. Requirement Matt. 7:15
1. Jesus is speaking about the difference of appearance and substance:
a. False prophets can outwardly look like sheep but inwardly be like wolves!
b. Jesus did not call surface disciples; they had to follow Him through and through!
2. The Bible teaches that even in the church there will be sheep and goats together, chaff and wheat … in the end they will be separated.
a. While there are those who can fool others by their appearance, they cannot fool God.
b. The demands of the Gospel does not allow for a sloppy commitment.

ILLUS: Sometimes a convert to Methodism would turn out to be an opponent. Such a man was George Bell (?-1807) who converted to Methodism in the 1750s. Bell made extravagant claims for himself and his followers, such as they had attained absolute perfection. Finally Wesley excluded Bell and his followers. Bell went ...

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