by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Kindness
Series: The Fruit Of The Spirit
Stuart Briscoe
Galatians 5:22-23

Lady Macbeth was worried about her husband whom she said was "too full of the milk of human kindness." It would appear that the human problem is rather that we are too lacking in the fruit of the Spirit, which, among other things, is kindness.

I. What Do We Mean by Kindness?

A. The Hebrew idea.
Lit. to bow the head, treat courteously and appropriately.
1. Kindness involves sympathy. e.g. Genesis 40:14
2. Kindness involves benevolence. e.g. 2 Samuel 9:3
3. Kindness involves generosity. e.g. Genesis 19:19

B. The Arabic idea.
Lit. the flow of milk to the breast.

C. The Greek idea.
1. The LXX (chrestos, chrestotes).
a. "Very good figs." Jeremiah 24:2
b. "Precious stones." Exodus 27:22
c. "Pure gold." Daniel 2:32
d. "Gracious man." Psalm 112:4, 5

2. The New Testament.
a. The kindness of God.
i. Generosity to the ungrateful and wicked. Luke 6:35


Part 6: Goodness
Series: The Fruit Of The Spirit
Stuart Briscoe
Galatians 5:22-23

Philosophers have traditionally debated what is good, and other people have struggled to do good and be good. The Bible has much to say on the subject of good and how to live in the Spirit characterized by goodness.

I. What Do We Mean by Good?

A. The man-centered views of good.
1. Good is the experience of pleasure.
2. Good is the eradication of pain.
3. Good is the acquisition of knowledge.
4. Good is doing to others what you wish them to do to you.
5. Good is the greatest benefit for the greatest number.
6. Good is having goods and goodies.

B. The God-centered view of good.
1. God is good. Psalm 100:5; Mark 10:18
2. What God does is good. Genesis 1:3ff
3. What God says is good. Psalm 119:39, 103, 130
4. What God wills is good. Romans 12:2; 8:28

II. What Is Involved in Living "The Good Life"?

A. God created man in His image - very good. Genesis 1:31
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