by Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe
Luke 2:25-38

In Samuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot," the characters spend their time waiting for someone who may or may not appear and who may or may not exist. He does not appear. Simeon and Anna knew who they were waiting for and He came!

I. Waiting for Consolation. v. 25

A. Expectation.
1. Simeon-waiting for the consolation. vv. 25-26

2. Anna-looking forward to the redemption. v. 38

3. Joseph-waiting for the Kingdom. 23:51

4. Disciples-we had hoped…redeem Israel. 24:21

B. Explanation.
1. Covenant of Jehovah.

2. Collapse of Israel.

3. Commission of Isaiah. Isaiah 40:1 2
a. Comfort my people.

b. Speak to the heart.

c. Hard times are over.

d. Sin has been dealt with.

e. Go on saying-Note: 'Says your God' is future.

C . Experience.

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