Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 14

My text could hardly be shorter, my theme more serious. It has to do with concern, intensity, passion for those things which God regards as important. It starts with seeing through God's eyes.

I. Oh!-What a Need for Vision.
"The Lord looks down from heaven…" v. 2

A. A vision of human foolishness. v. 1a
1. An attitude (heart) of denial.
a. Denial of Divine existence-"There is no God."

b. Denial of Divine relevance-"No God."

2. The consequences of dryness and deadness.

B. A vision of human falleness. vv. 1b 3
1. The corruption of falleness.

2. The consequences of falleness.
a. Sins of commission-"Deeds are vile."

b. Sins of omission-"No one does good."

c. Confusion about identity-"Any who understand."

d. Disinterest in Divine-"Any who seek God."

e. Perversion of p ...

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