by Stuart Briscoe

Women in the Church
Stuart Briscoe
1 Timothy 2:9-3:13

Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Sandra Day O'Connor and Sally Ride have a lot in common and have a lot to say. So do Miriam, Mary, Phoebe, Priscilla and Junia. But what they are saying differs according to the hearing apparatus of those who are listening.

I. Women in the Church-A Cultural Fact.

A. Numerical superiority of women.
1. They live longer.
2. Elmbrook membership-45% men, 55% women.

B. Cultural uncertainty of women.
1. The Feminine Mystique…is being wife and mother enough?
2. The Feminist Mystique…is being everything possible?

C. Ecclesiastical controversy of women.
1. Is biblical teaching relevant?
2. Is biblical teaching relative?
3. Is biblical teaching rigid?

II. Women in the Church-An Emotional Issue.

A. The fearful.
1. If women do more their marriages and families suffer.
2. If women do more the men will do less.
3. If women don't do more the Church will suffer.
4. If women don't do more their gifts will be wasted.

B. The faithful.
1. The Bible is clear about women's roles.
2. The Bible isn't as clear as some people say it is.

III. Women in the Church-A Theological Matter.

A. Theological illustrations of women in ministry.
1. Old Testa ...

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