by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 1: What Does 'Born Again' Mean?
Series: Christianity Q and A
Stuart Briscoe
John 3:1-21

Ever since Jimmy Carter announced that he was running for President and that he had been "born again," the term has been in vogue. It has also been misused, abused, and generally depreciated. The question we need to ask is, "Is the new birth an important aspect of spiritual experience?"

I. The New Birth Is Absolutely Essential.

A. You must be born again. v. 7
B. Without it the Kingdom of God is unattainable. v. 5
C. Without it the Kingdom of God is not understandable. v. 3
D. Verily, verily!

II. The New Birth Is of God not Man.

A. Water and the Spirit. v. 5
1. Water = cleansing?
2. Water = procreation?
3. Water = baptism?

B. Flesh produces flesh; spirit produces spirit. v. 6
1. Nicodemus, the Pharisee.
2. Nicodemus, the wistful. v. 4

C. Earthly produces earthly; heavenly heavenly. vv. 12, 13
1. Nicodemus the Teacher.
2. Jesus came from heaven.

III. The New Birth Is Mysterious and Wonderful. v. 8


Part 2: What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?
Series: Christianity Q and A
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 11:19-26

The name "Christian" was given to some of Christ's disciples as an uncomplimentary nickname, but in time it became a recognized designation of those who followed Christ. In more recent times the meaning of the term has become confused. A look at its origins should help.

I. To Be a Christian Means to Be Related to Christ.

A. Christian as a nominal concept.
B. Christian as a national concept.

C. Christian as a vital relationship.
1. The Lord Jesus was proclaimed. v. 20
a. The good news of Jesus.
b. The good news of Lord.

2. The Lord's hand was upon them. v. 21

3. The Lord was acknowledged. v. 21
a. Acknowledged by belief.
b. Acknowledged by turning to Him.
c. Acknowledged by wholeheartedness. v. 23
d. Acknowledged by faithfulness.

II. To Be a Christian Involves Living Faith.
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