by Jeff Strite

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The Weakened Heart (10 of 13)
Series: A Man After God's Own Heart
Jeff Strite
II Samuel 3:17-39

OPEN: Rodgers and Hammerstein were amongst the greatest playwrights of our age. Plays like "Oklahoma" "The Sound of Music" "The King and I" are permanent part of the American heritage.
So when I was invited by a non-Christian friend of our family to attend a play written by Richard Rodgers entitled "Two By Two", I thought it would be great experience. It was a religious play. It might even prove to be a great opportunity to talk with our friend about Christ. But it wasn't.

The play I saw contained great acting, great singing, it was well cast and humorous. BUT... Shem's wife's main line was "Oh my (and then the name of God taken in vain)" at least 7 times. As the play wore on I wanted to get up and shout "give it a rest lady!"

But that wasn't the worst...
Japheth was shown as unmarried and attracted to Ham's neglected wife. To help Japheth in his search for a bride, this play's Noah brought a temple prostitute on board to be Japheth's bride. But Ham fell in love with the prostitute instead. The play ended with Japheth married to Ham's bride and Ham to Japheth's.

Oddly, in a comedic play, Noah's wife died on the voyage (principally due to the strain of defending Ham and Japheth's arrangement) and Noah, in the parting scene, "makes a deal" with God. He refused to leave the Ark until God promised never to flood the world again and saying "I don't fear you anymore - you took away the only woman I ever loved."

I was angry beyond imagination. I wanted to mount the stage and cry out against this blasphemy, or at the very least stomp out of the theatre declaring my rage...
But I didn't… I just sat there. I remained where I was frozen in indecision. I COULD HAVE stormed the stage… I could have erupted in outrage as I walked out… But I realized it would have done no good at all. I was seated next to a man I wanted to reach for Christ and I suspected what ...

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