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A Heart to Honor Authority (12 of 13)
Series: A Man After God's Own Heart
Jeff Strite
2 Samuel 7:1-7:17

OPEN: According to a story in R.Digest from several years ago, a great emperor named Shah Jahan once built an absolutely beautiful structure in memory of his wife of 19 years who died while bearing their 14th child.
When she died, Shah Jahan left his wife's deathbed and went straight to his quarters, locking the doors behind him. For 3 days he remained within, taking no food or drink. When he reappeared 9 days later, his raven black hair had turned completely white.
Returning to his palace, the emperor began the construction of his wife's tomb on the Jumna river within easy view of his windows.
To build it, 22,000 men and women labored 24 hours a day for 22 years. It was a white marble tomb decorated with 28 different types of gems. A sheet of pearls was spread over the coffin, doors of solid silver opened onto the tomb and a solid gold railing surrounded the monument.

Does anybody know what the name is of this building in India? (The Taj Mahal)

Shah Jahan planned a mirror image of the Taj - in black marble - as his own tomb. But that never happened. He was taken prisoner by his son, who usurped the throne in 1658, and was confined in his own palace and lived until his death. And so it was that when his guards found Shah Jahan dead at the age of 74, his eyes were still open, fixed upon the shimmering jewel of the Taj Mahal.

APPLY: It is NOT uncommon for someone to create or build something beautiful for the one they love. That's what David (a man after God's own heart) wanted to do. He wanted to build something beautiful for his God.

As I read the text for this morning's sermon a couple of things really stuck out to me.

I. A man/ woman after God's own heart wants to build a house worthy of their God.
David wanted to build a Temple for His God. For several hundred years, the Ark of God had been housed in a Tent like structure called the ...

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