by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 4 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Uncertain Certainty Of Christ's Return
Series: When Will Christ Return?
Stuart Briscoe
Matthew 24:29-44

When Jesus laid aside His glory at the first Advent, He relinquished omniscience. So He could not tell the disciples when He would return - He didn't know! But He knew He would return. He knew the "Would" not the "When." We are in an identical situation.

I. Jesus Gives Details Adding to Certainty. vv. 29-31

A. "The distress of those days" shortened for the sake of the elect.

B. "Immediately" after this come apocalyptic (natural or political) events…

C. …together with the "sign of the Son of Man" appearing.
1. "Sign" possibly means "ensign" - the flag of the triumphant victor…
2. …the "Son of Man"( Daniel 7:13-14) establishes "everlasting dominion."

D. "All the nations will mourn" - contrition and regret as they see the Lord.

E. The "trumpet" will summon and the angels will gather the elect.

II. Jesus Reiterates His Chief Point. vv. 32-35

A. Fig trees give a clear message about the arrival of summer.


Part 4: The Sheep and the Goats
Series: When Will Christ Return?
Stuart Briscoe
Matthew 24:36-25:46

Having outlined the uncertain certainty of His return, Jesus ended His discourse with a series of stories illustrating the surprising and far-reaching ramifications of His teaching.

I. The Surprising Consequences of the Unexpected Return. 24:36-25:30

A. Surprised by the unexpected return - the "Days of Noah." 24:36-41
1. The "ordinariness" of daily life - eating, drinking, marrying etc.
2. The "extraordinariness" of eternal issues.
3. "The "unexpectedness" of divine intervention.

B. Surprised by an EARLIER return than expected - the two servants. 24:45-51
1. Called to act wisely and faithfully.
2. The unexpected return catches one out in his hypocrisy.

C. Surprised by a LATER return than expected - the ten young women. 25:1-30
1. The example of the ten young women. 25:1-13
a. A general invitation to participate in the celebration.

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