by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Spiritual Values
Series: Enjoying The Good Life
Stuart Briscoe
Deuteronomy 5:1-15

"What democracy needs is a value system that legitimizes both individual rights and social authority and establishes a balance between the two" (James Reichley). Where is this "value system" to be found-personally, socially or transcendentally? The Ten Commandments hold the answer.

I. The Source of Spiritual Values. vv. 1-6

A. The God who created.
B. The God who cares. v. 6
C. The God who covenants. v. 2
D. The God who communicates. v. 4
E. The God who commands. v. 1
Note: "That you may live and prosper…" v. 33

II. The Substance of Spiritual Values. vv. 7-15

Note: "I am the Lord your God."

A. The exclusiveness of God.
1. The dangers of syncretism.
2. The dangers of sensualism.

B. The uniqueness of God. vv. 8-9a
1. Idols substitute created for Creator.


Part 6: Social Values
Series: Enjoying The Good Life
Stuart Briscoe
Deuteronomy 5:1-15

Life was never intended to be lived in isolation. God created society as surely as He created individuality. The good life, therefore, requires correct social attitudes and behavior. These are outlined in the second part of the Decalogue and summarized in the statement, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

I. Social Values-Learned in the Family. v. 16

A. Economic survival-"That you may live long."

B. Emotional stability-"May go well with you."

C. Educational structure. v. 9; 6:7
1. Self-consciousness.
2. Self-interest.
3. Self-gratification.
4. Self-denial.

II. Social Values-Lived Out in the World. vv. 17-20

A. The sanctity of life. v. 17
1. Not a blanket prohibition-war, capital punishment.

2. Prohibition against taking human life for personal reasons.
a. Man is made in divine image.
b. Man participates in divine purpose.

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