by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 1: Knowing Christ as God
Series: Christianity Is Knowing Christ
Stuart Briscoe

Christianity is the world's largest religion. Because of its size and long history it is not surprising that many different forms of Christianity exist. Adherence to a "Christian" institution, acceptance of a "Christian" morality, or residence in a "Christian" environment qualifies many to be called "Christian", but historically, "Christianity is knowing Christ."

I. The Revelation of Christ as God.

A. The uniqueness of the message He preached.
1. The presence of the Kingdom. Luke 17:20-21
2. The peculiarity of the Kingdom. Luke 18:16-17
3. The power of the Kingdom. Luke 23:42

B. The uniqueness of the person He was.
1. The demands He made on disciples. Mark 1:17-18
2. The devotion He inspired in disciples.

C. The uniqueness of the miracles He performed.

Part 2: Knowing Christ as Savior
Series: Christianity Is Knowing Christ
Stuart Briscoe

In New Testament times Jews, Greeks, and Romans all had their "Savior." To the Jews, Jehovah was "Deliverer." To the Greeks, various gods, philosophers, physicians and statesmen were called "Soter." The Romans called their Emperors "savior" in the sense of "benefactor." In this environment, Christians who had experienced the saving work of God in Christ called both "Savior."

I. The Revelation of Christ as Savior.

A. Christ as Deliverer.
1. The suffering of the Hebrews. Acts 7:24
2. The salvation of Moses. Acts 7:25

B. Christ as God.
1. The preserving power of Zeus for the "polis."

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