by Frank Damazio

A Thriving Church In A Dying Culture
Frank Damazio

Introduction: The only hope for the world today is Christ and His church. The culture we face is emerging into a confusing, godless, valueless mindset with mixed religion and mixed philosophies. The call to every believer is to believe - believe that Christ is who He said He was and can do what He promised to do, to believe the church is Christ's body and is called to do what Christ has purposed to accomplish and will succeed. We must believe that we have sustainable truth. We have a cause worthy of our life. We are Christ's church. The absolute necessity is to believe we can build vital churches for today's culture - churches without compromise, without intimidation, without mixing culture with church philosophy yet connecting to the culture. We must lift up our eyes and see the church in this century as capable of being light and salt, capable of impacting people and transforming people, cities and nations. We need to hear Christ's words, a letter from Christ to us.

Quotes regarding the church:

• Francis Schaefer: "Does the church have a future in our generation? I believe the church is in real danger. It is in for a rough day. We are facing present pressures and a present and future manipulation, which will be so overwhelming in the days to come that they will make the battle of the last forty years look like child's play."

• Carl F. Henry: "When the great meltdown comes, where will you be? Trapped in Sodom? In the bleak twilight of a decadent culture, where will you be? Overtaken like Lot, looking back at the citadels of sin? Wake up, wake up. American culture is sinking towards sunset!"

• When Nations Die: "Jesus Christ is the paradigm which forms the very possibility of an ultimately meaningful history." I am convinced that the lessons of history confirm that fact. We are living in a time of crisis, people confirm that fact and people are desperate for hope. We long for relief from the nightm ...

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