by Samuel Burgess

God Can Use a Simple Earthen Vessel
Sammy Burgess
2 Corinthians 4:1-7

INTRODUCTION: When an individual acquires a valuable treasure they usually house it in a beautiful and often elaborate display case in one form or another.

1. It would not seem fit to have an original painting by some master artist displayed in a cheap frame. There is a saying; ''The Frame makes the Picture'' and certain frames oftentimes sets forth the beauty of an expensive painting.

2. If you received a million dollars, I don't think that you would just go home and carelessly throw it in the desk drawer. You would be very careful to choose what bank to put your money in and what investment accounts to use.

3. Entire houses have been built to enhance a gallery of antique furniture.

4. The Government must have special and specific places for certain important documents and treasury. These often take the form of elaborate buildings with time-lock vaults and sensitive security systems.

5. The worth of a bank is often mirrored by the expensiveness of the building. Financial institutions have chosen to build these expensive and fine buildings to be found all over our home towns.

The philosophy seems to be that the places where funds are to be stored are to speak of luxury, security, and value. [ex I like to go into a plush bank, walk on the nice clean carpet; sit in those nice leather chairs; have a cup of fresh coffee that they provide; look across the walnut/oak desk at a person that has a $300 outfit on while they are sitting in an executive chair and deposit my $15. I feel uptown in a place like that I feel that my $15 will be safe in that building]

6. Ladies oftentimes display their expensive china in a nice elegant china cabinet display dolls or collectors items in a nice glass cabinet. [We do our best to take care of things we value]

Now let me give you something to think about. Would not God then do the same thing with His greatest most valuable treasure in the ...

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