by Frank Damazio

Worldchangers: A Generation That Does The Unexpected
Frank Damazio

Introduction: The Christ of the Bible is the Christ of a culture. Christ's incarnation simply makes the statement that Christ became a part of culture. The church also is in a culture: today's world, today's culture, a changing complex culture. As the church develops it must orient itself both in relation to the culture of its origins and in relation to the contemporary culture it encounters. Each of which presents alternative possibilities that a church may reject, modify or eventually adopt. What part of culture do we belong to or react against or withdraw from or seek to transform? Are we selling out to a culture we profess to be transforming, becoming more like culture around us than changing culture to become more like the values we hold? The church must understand its responsibility in the transforming of culture. The church must be the church in every generation, staying true to unchangeable truth principles and mission.
Some have termed this the "Mosaic" generation because: "their lifestyles are an eclectic combination of traditional and alternative activities; they are the first generation among whom a majority will exhibit a nonlinear style of thinking -a mosaic, connect-the-dots-however-you-choose approach; their relationships are much more racially integrated and fluid than any we have seen in U.S. history; their core values are the result of a cut-and-paste mosaic of feelings, facts, principles, experiences and lessons; their primary information and connection-the Internet-is the most bizarre, inclusive and ever-changing pastiche of information ever relied upon by humankind; the central spiritual tenets that provide substance to their faith are a customized blend of multiple-faith views and religious practices."
Why is this generation important? "Teenagers largely define the values and leisure endeavors of our generation. Our economy is substantially shaped by their choices as ...

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