by Frank Damazio

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Life Principles: Authority (4 of 5)
Series: Life
Frank Damazio

Introduction: What are the handful of principles that govern your life? The non-negotiable laws that you live by? In this message, we will look at five of the most basic principles for living. Everyone has the power to impact the outcome of his or her life. The way to impact outcome is to live by God's principles, not by chance nor with a "whatever" attitude. God is sovereign and can work all things for our good, but we must live today by His principles in preparation for our tomorrows. Are you grooming yourself for failure or success? You will never change your outcome until you change your daily principles. Life is a process. It is slow, not sudden. Principles are the rails on the railway track. They keep life moving in the right direction. We must be committed to godly principles that will govern our lives. In our life journey we need a handful of biblical principles to live by. There are five basic principles we need to live out every day.

The first of these is the principle of authority. God's works issue from God's throne. His throne is established upon authority. All things have been created by the authority of God and all laws on earth are held together through authority. Hence, the Bible says that God upholds things by the word, which is His authority. It does not say that God upholds all things by His power. God's authority represents God Himself. God's power only represents God's authority in the universe. Nothing can surpass it. We must submit to and know God's authority. The word authority is a great biblical word, but most people think of law, restraint, command, control, dominance, and abuse. One of the tragedies of our time is having these associations that have made authority a dirty word in the western world. The slogan "Question Authority" reveals the underlying problem of opposing authority in every area of life. We are tolerating expressions of defiance, disorder, disrespec ...

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