by Joe Alain

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Acceptable Worship (1 of 4)
Series: Rekindling the Fires of Faith
Joe Alain
Malachi 1:6-14


What does our worship say about what we think of God? Is our worship acceptable to God? Is there a way to evaluate what is acceptable worship? Malachi is a book of revival and the first message that Malachi brought to God's people had to do with restoring their relationship with God, as evidenced by their worship. Apathy toward worship and the laws of Moses had reached such proportions in Israel that God raised up the prophet Malachi to reprimand the people. The people of God had lost their sense of ''chosenness'' (1:2). They ceased honoring God, intermarried with unbelievers, divorce was high and commitment was low. Malachi saw that the only hope for God's people was to be purged by holy fires of revival (4:1).

What happens when the flames of faith burn low, sputter, and seem to be on the verge of blowing out? God raises up a spokesman to call His people back to renewed faithfulness to Him. Malachi was such a spokesman for his time and for our time too. Malachi ministered in a day when many people doubted that God cared or would even act on their behalf. There was widespread apathy among God's people. They were indifferent. They no longer feared God. Malachi confronted this growing religious indifference by calling the people to repentance and to renewed loyalty to the Lord. Malachi sought to ''Rekindle the Fires of Faith.''

As we begin a series of messages from the book of Malachi, it is my hope to see God rekindle the fires of faith among us! We too in our community stand in need of revival, the same kind of revival that the people in Malachi's day needed. A revival of reverence for God, of worship, of holiness, and of loyalty to Christ!

The Background of the Book of Malachi
Understanding the historical background is necessary as we begin our study of this prophetic book. Every message of revival needs to be seen in the light of the context ...

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